Pontifical Christmas Visits

Pontifical Christmas Visits 31.12.2020

On December 31, ahead of Christmas holidays, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, made a number of visits.

The Armenian Pontiff, accompanied by His Eminence Archbishop Arakel Karamian, Primate of the Diocese of Kotayk; and His Grace Bishop Moushegh Babayan; visited one of the camps in Tsakhkadzor of the Kotayk Diocese, where He conveyed His support and Blessings to 45 people from Hadrut, Artsakh; who had found refuge in the camp.

His Holiness talked to the families of Artsakh, getting informed about their future plans, and then distributed Christmas presents to the elderly and children.

On the occasion of the New Year and Christmas, the Catholicos of All Armenians conveyed His Blessings and appreciation to the wounded servicemen receiving treatment at Izmirlian Medical Center. Accompanied by the Director of the Center, Professor Armen Charchyan, His Holiness toured all the wards, praying for the brave sons, wounded during the sacred mission of defending the Homeland; inquiring about their recovery and current needs.

On the same day, the Pontiff of All Armenians; accompanied by His Grace Bishop Vertanes Abrahamyan, Head Chaplain of the Republic of Armenia Armed Forces Ministry, visited the N military unit located in the southern direction of Armenia.

The Armenian Patriarch conveyed His Blessings and best wishes to the frontier military, highly appreciating the selfless and firm service of the Armenian soldier and commander to the homeland. During the warm conversation, His Holiness emphasized that the Armenian Army has been and remains the main guarantor of the protection of the independent statehood and our people.

His Holiness confirmed that the brave spirit, zeal, self-sacrificing and fraternal character of the patriotic defenders in the Artsakh war fill his soul only with a sense of pride. His Holiness also remembered their martyred brothers and their heroic deeds in prayer, which will strengthen our people to forge the bright future of the Fatherland.

The Catholicos of All Armenians, presenting icons to the soldiers, wished everyone safe and secure service, noting that our servicemen are always in the prayers of the Armenian Patriarch and the Armenian clergy.

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