The Catholicos of All Armenians Accepted the Delegation of the Iraq-Armenia Friendship Group

The Catholicos of All Armenians Accepted the Delegation of the Iraq-Armenia Friendship Group 17.03.2023

On March 17, His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians; received the delegation headed by Mohammed Sadik Mohammed, head of the Iraq-Armenia friendship group of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Iraq in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin.

At the meeting, His Holiness emphasized that their visit to Armenia is the best evidence of friendly and warm relations between the two nations with a centuries-old history. The Armenian Patriarch noted with gratitude that the relations between the two countries are developing, and similar visits will contribute to the strengthening of interstate ties.

Referring to the Armenian community in Iraq, the Catholicos of All Armenians noted that the Mr. Mohammed Sadik also makes an important contribution to the deepening of Armenian-Iraqi relations. His Holiness also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the Iraqi authorities for their caring attitude towards the Armenian community and its spiritual life. The Armenian Patriarch stated the importance of the inter-religious dialogue in terms of strengthening the ties between the two nations and the peaceful coexistence of the nations. In this regard, His Holiness emphasized that the Armenian Church consistently participates in that process.

The head of the Iraq-Armenia friendship group, Mr. Mohammed Sadik Mohammed, thanked the Armenian Patriarch for the reception and noted that the delegation's visit to Armenia aims to further strengthen and develop the cooperation between the two countries in various fields. Mr. Mohammed Sadik also emphasized that the Iraqi authorities are making active efforts to ensure the harmonious coexistence of the country's national and religious minorities, to protect their rights.

During the meeting, a reflection was made on the current challenges in the region, Azerbaijan's harassment against Armenia's territorial integrity and the humanitarian crisis created in Artsakh. 

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