Statement of the Supreme Spiritual Council

Statement of the Supreme Spiritual Council 26.02.2021

During the meeting of the Supreme Spiritual Council convened in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, reflecting on the war of Artsakh, the post-war internal and external challenges facing Armenia and Artsakh; as well as, comprehensively discussing the developments in the Homeland, in particular, the difficult situation caused by the statement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces on February 25, and the response of the Prime Minister; we express our deep concern: - regarding the difficult political situation in the Homeland after the war, which deepens the economic and social problems day by day, more and more strengthening the morally depressed condition; - regarding the inefficiency of the steps taken by the Armenian authorities to overcome the current situation, as well as, the controversial positions related to the important social-political issues; which will lead to new divisions, escalation of the existing internal and external challenges, rooting of distrust to the future of the Fatherland, and migration; becoming a serious threat to the security of Armenia and for the further reconstruction and progress of Artsakh. We consider the hatred and intolerance arising within the framework of the political struggle, the mutual insults and swearing, the manipulation of the feelings of the citizens, unacceptable; which causes the country to be discredited in front of the international community. We urge: - the law enforcement agencies to refrain from violence and the use of unequal force during the peaceful rallies and gatherings; - the children of our people to keep calm, act prudently, with respect towards the law and with all responsibility; without ceasing to be zealous and persistent in the protection of the interests of the homeland. Reaffirming the positions expressed by the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin regarding the resolution of the current situation and considering the anxious attitude of the Armenian Army – the guarantor of the security of the Homeland, as a serious indicator of the dire situation; we call on the National Assembly and other government structures to make relevant conclusions and act with high sense of responsibility for the love of the homeland and the nation; not leading our people to new disappointments in the Homeland and the Diaspora. We call on the Armenian authorities and the opposition forces to promote the establishment of solidarity, and seek solutions to the problems only in the consolidation of the national potential, keeping people away from possible clashes. We also urge to be careful in assessing the Armenian Army and the militaries, and contribute to the productivity of the sacred mission of our Army. In the current situation, the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church must continue to put all the efforts into action to relieve the tense atmosphere and restore the unity and solidarity among the society. We pray to overcome the crisis wiyh dignity, asking the Merciful God to keep our Fatherland and our people in peace and secure under the auspices of His Holy Right Hand.

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