Statement of the Supreme Spiritual Council

Statement of the Supreme Spiritual Council 01.09.2023

The Supreme Spiritual Council, referring to the ontological challenges facing the motherland and the situation created as a result of them in the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh, notes that the current situation in domestic life is extremely worrying.

The rhetoric used by the Azerbaijani authorities, as well as the steps initiated, make it evident that the latter has officially adopted not only the Republic of Artsakh, but also the policy of occupying the sovereign territories of the Republic of Armenia, destroying traces of ethnic Armenian identity and heritage, with the aim of destroying the Armenian statehood.

Azerbaijan not only does not stop the blockade of Artsakh, but also continues to implement its genocidal policy with new manifestations of hostility and violence.

The entire state and public propaganda machine of Azerbaijan is committed to the spread of false and fabricated information against the Armenian statehood and the entire Armenian people on wide public platforms through anti-historical theses.

The disproportional reactions and behavior of the Armenian authorities are more than worrying about the complex and dangerous developments. The position of the Armenian authorities regarding the recognition of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan is rejectable, which does not have any moral, legal and security justification and absolutely does not correspond to the collective expectations and national interests of our people. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Armenia are non-negotiable, the right to self-determination realized by the referendum of the Artsakh people is indisputable.

The Supreme Spiritual Council highly appreciates the efforts made by international institutions in the direction of the settlement of the Artsakh problem. However, in the context of the immediate threats facing the Armenians of Artsakh, the steps and initiatives implemented by international structures, unfortunately, continue to be inadequate.

In order to overcome the ontological challenges facing the homeland, the RA authorities are obliged to take measures that will consolidate all the potential and capabilities of national, political and public structures in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. The homeland is everyone's, Armenian statehood is the sacred relic of every Armenian.

Ahead of the Artsakh Republic Day on September 2, the Supreme Spiritual Council extends is support to the brave people of Artsakh in their heroic struggle for a free, independent and dignified life in their homeland.
The urge of the Supreme Spiritual Council to our people is to soberly assess the situation in the country, throw away the indifference, take commitment for the motherland and everywhere become a participant and supporter of the programs and measures aimed at protecting the independence of Artsakh.

We have strong confidence that with full responsibility before God and generations and with the brave spirit and endurance of our ancestors, we will be able to overcome the most difficult challenges that have been assigned to us.

May God bless the homeland and the Armenian people.