Ordination of Priests in the St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Church in Yerevan

Ordination of Priests in the St. Gregory the Illuminator Mother Church in Yerevan 04.02.2024

On February 4, in the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church of Yerevan, an ordination of priests was held under the presidency of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians during the Divine Liturgy. The Celebrant was His Grace Bishop Oshakan Gyulgyulyan, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of Irak, who consecrated and ordained 11 deacons serving in various structures and dioceses of the Mother See.

During the Divine Liturgy, His Grace Bishop Oshakan consecrated the candidates foreheads and hands with Holy Chrism (Muron) and gave them new names.

Dn. Artak Ghevondyan was renamed Father Komitas; Dn. Davit Hayrapetyan was renamed Father Vardan; Dn. Davit Hayrapetyan was renamed Father Ghevond; Dn. Gevork Mirzoyan was renamed Father Artak; Dn. Loris Andreasyan was renamed Father Vasken; Dn. Narek Torgomyan was renamed Father Hovhannes; Dn. Andranik Minasyan was renamed Father Grigor; Dn. Samvel Baghdasaryan was renamed Father Sepuh; Dn. Sevak Grigoryan was renamed Father Yesai; Dn. Robert Voskanyan was renamed Father Voskan and Dn. Garik Hokhanyan was renamed father Ghukas.

Following the consecration, the priests offered their first blessings to the faithful present.

Afterwards, the ordaining Celebrant, in his sermon reflected on the importance of the ordiation, wished the newly ordained to be faithful and servant-loving clergymen in their order.

"Dear newly ordained priests, your mission must begin soon; be brave pastors, offer your service to the Armenian Church and the people, especially these days, when there are various kinds of trials and difficulties all around us. Be awake and strong, serve our people. Our people yearn more than ever for your words, your prayers and your comfort….Let the word of Christ be your shield, your sword and your cross for you, so that you can serve the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church without fail", stated His Grace Bishop Oshakan, urging the faithful to pray to God also for the newly ordained priests, so that they remain strong and firm in their order.

The Celebrant also expressed his gratitude to His Holiness for the opportunity to perform priestly ordination.

Then during the "Welcome" the present spiritual clergymen and Brotherhood ascended to the Altar and conveyed their congratulations by kissing the anointed foreheads and hands of the new priests.

On the same day, in the evening, in the Saint Gayane monastery, a special service of the Granting of the Cowl (Veghar) was officiated. Father Hovhannes, Father Grigor, Father Yesai, Father Voskan and Father Ghukas will receive their cowls and will join the ranks of the Brotherhood of the Mother See Holy Etchmiadzin.

The new priests will follow a traditional 40-day seclusion period of fasting after which they will be appointed to serve in different Dioceses of the Armenian Holy Apostolic Church.



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