New Year’s message of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians

New Year’s message of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians 31.12.2018

Dear Faithful in the Homeland and the Diaspora,

It is the festive day of New Year. We extend Our Pontifical love and blessings from the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin to you dear faithful people of Armenia. With warm feelings, we extend our best wishes to those who carry out their duties at this moment at the place of service; officers and soldiers of our army who keep the borders of their homeland unapproachable; those who are united in the churches for prayer and all our children gathered around the festive tables.

On the New Year’s Eve, we extend our gratitude to God, that he kept our Homeland and worldwide people in peace in the passing year, blessed with the good, righteous earnings and achievements in the national and church life. We also thank God that through the patriotic spirit and reasonableness of our nation the political developments in our country had a peaceful course and we are welcoming 2019 with expectations of positive changes. Every new year is a new beginning, full of expectations of the new, with the desire for the better and perfect. We are connecting with the New Year what we would like to reform, manage and soon see the fulfillment of our goals. The need for reform and civic zeal that are present in our lives will surely bring good results, more care, more effort and aspiration, to strengthen the foundations of the legal state, the fair and law-abiding society, to prosper our country and our entire national life. This is our way that we have to keep constant, always remembering that Armenia's development and power is the core and condition of our national aspirations for the security of Artsakh and the viability of the Diaspora.

Dear beloved, at this moment, when our intentions with good expectations are addressed to the future and our plans, through our Pontifical message we convey Lord’s message: “This is my command: Love each other” (John 15:17). Our life becomes meaningful with the existence of the divine love. Where there is love there is strength in faith, there is hope abundant and solidarity is prosperous with righteousness and good deeds. “Love never fails”, (1 Corinthians 13:8), says the Apostle. Yes, it grows like leaven, becomes a curve, a steadily effort, a commitment by which our life will be upheld.

With these thoughts and joyous spirit we command our pious people, to continue live and act by supporting each other and to put dedicated efforts for the strength of our motherland and our spiritual and national life.

We wish peace to the world, peace, to our homeland; steadfastness to our statehood and blessings to our worldwide Armenian nation and the entire people. May the year 2019 bring joy to our families and progress and achievements to our lives.

Happy New Year!

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