Message Of His Holiness Karekin II On International Women’s Day

Message Of His Holiness Karekin II On International Women’s Day 08.03.2023

From the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, we extend our Pontifical Blessings and congratulations to our mothers, women and girls on the occasion of March 8. With a grateful heart, we honor their dedicated and loving efforts in ensuring the well-being of family life, as well as commendable contribution in various spheres of state and public life.

“Dear mothers and sisters, with your dedication to the family and homeland, our national traditions are preserved and passed on from generation to generation; it is through your caring upbringing that the worthy children of the nation and the Church grow up, who in the crucial milestones of our history, as well as in the days of the Artsakh war and today, with their exploits and self-sacrifice, become heroes in the sacred mission of national defense.

Today, it is the duty of all of us to ensure the safe and peaceful future of our country with tireless work; to support our people under siege in Artsakh with a united spirit and to show special care and attention to our wounded sons and the families of martyred warriors.

As a Patriarch, my prayer and wish is that the Lord will keep the ladies and women steadfast in their faith, good deeds and virtues and may the Almighty God grant you blissful years of happiness. With the Grace of the Most High, may peace and prosperity accompany you and all our people, giving strength to build a bright future”.

May the love and Mercy, Graces and Blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us and all, today and always․ Amen.